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The Spanish Cluster Policy Buzz

Geographically concentrated clusters of firms and other related agents (universities, research centres, training institutes, etc.) have become an extremely popular basis for policies that seek to foster competitiveness. Indeed, it is difficult to find a European country or region that … Continue reading

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Measuring territorial competitiveness: Why we should look behind the headlines

I was surprised to read in the newspaper earlier this week the headline that the Basque Country, where I live and work, has lost competitiveness since 1999. The surprise was not so much at whether or not this is true, … Continue reading

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Employment creation without fast growth

The economic scenario in Spain and throughout most of Europe at the moment is characterised by a depressing mix of low demand, restricted public and private investment, high and rising unemployment, and a general feeling of instability. What is most … Continue reading

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Is Spain mortgaging its future competitiveness*

The last few weeks have seen a stream of bad news regarding European economies, from which it is clear that growth problems are no longer confined to the south of Europe. Just days after the Spanish economy officially slipped back … Continue reading

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Strengthening Competitiveness*

Debate across much of Europe at the moment is focused on how to stimulate our economies to create jobs at a time when national governments are afraid to borrow. While the starkest case is Greece, this problem is also severe … Continue reading

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Labour markets, competitiveness and people

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and the combination of a Siberian weekend in San Sebastian and hot debate surrounding last Friday’s new labour legislation in Spain has given me the combination of opportunity and … Continue reading

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