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Reflections on the Regional Engagement of Universities

A couple of weeks ago Orkestra and Deusto University hosted an international symposium on the regionally-engaged university. The idea was to stimulate reflection around the organisational and relational barriers that academic organisations face when they seek to be key, engaged players … Continue reading

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Is Spain mortgaging its future competitiveness*

The last few weeks have seen a stream of bad news regarding European economies, from which it is clear that growth problems are no longer confined to the south of Europe. Just days after the Spanish economy officially slipped back … Continue reading

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Decision-making and forms of capitalism

It is interesting to see how ideological debates change with time. It wasn’t so long ago that socialism was still widely talked about as the fundamental alternative to capitalism in debates around how we should organise our economies and societies. … Continue reading

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Labour markets, competitiveness and people

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and the combination of a Siberian weekend in San Sebastian and hot debate surrounding last Friday’s new labour legislation in Spain has given me the combination of opportunity and … Continue reading

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