About Me

I am James Wilson, originally from Norwich (UK) and now living in San Sebastian (Basque Country/Spain) with my wife Miriam and our children Maia and Oliver. I created this blog as a space to post random thoughts related to competitiveness and socioeconomic development, and in particular how they relate to places, people and public policies.

I work at Orkestra (the Basque Institute of Competitiveness) and at Deusto Business School (University of Deusto), where I am Director of the Masters Programme on Competitiveness and Innovation. I am also on the Board of Directors of TCI Network. The blog is inspired by my research work, teaching, travels and engagement with competitiveness policy practitioners.

My journey from Norwich to San Sebastian has passed through Coventry (where I studied economics at the University of Warwick), Cape Town (for Masters study at the University of Cape Town), and Birmingham/Watford (where I wrote my PhD on Strategic Decision-Making in Development Theory and Practice: A Learning Approach to Democratic Development and then worked for five years as a lecturer in industrial and labour economics at the University of Birmingham).

I speak English and Spanish, and among other things am passionate about cricket, beer, food, skiing, travel and photography.